Some patterns from my life:

1. Oslo, Norway | 1989-1994
Spirituality, art, relationships, explorations
(chi gong, tai chi, jes bertelsen, tibetan buddhism, cg jung, rudolf steiner, fritjof carpa, systems theories, world literature, painting, drawing, odd nerdrum)

2. Salt Lake City, Utah | 1994-1997
Spirituality, psychology, nature, photography
(kanzeon zen center, environmental and health psychology, utah nature)

3. Madison, Wisconsin | 1997-2002
Community, sustainability, food, rural
(sustain dane, ecoteams, earth institute discussion groups, organic food, csa, rural life, lakes, nature)

4. Eugene, Oregon | 2002-?
Architecture, ecological design, permaculture, spirituality
(sustainable architecture, eugene permaculture guild)

5. Future?
Spirituality, ecological design, community (weaving together)

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