Choice & Authenticity

I am about to read more about the Radical Authenticity approach, as I do think there is much of value there. I have heard some stories of how it sometimes is expressed, and am reminded of the importance of choice.

It seems that a mature approach to authenticity includes choice. If we habitually express our views “authentically”, with little consideration for other people’s reactions and feelings, it seems rather immature. We do not have much freedom, and it seems that we are stuck in an idea of authenticity – or maybe in a reflexive reaction against what we perceive as “inauthentic”.

On the other hand, we can aim at choice. We have more of a real choice in whether and how to express our “authentic” views and experiences. We go beyond habitual responses, can find approaches appropriate to each situation, and thus act in a way more helpful for all involved.

I have written authentic in quotation marks, as it does seem to be a rather dubious – although maybe useful – concept. What is really “authentic”? We have our experiences, feelings and thoughts, although these always change. What is real for me at one moment, is merely a memory in the next. It is all fluid….

Of course, these are the worst assumptions about this movement, and I hope these issues are dealth with well there.

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