Small Changes

Two stories I came across today, which are reminders of how simple actions can make a large difference (rippling out in unknown ways).

It started as a joke. Danny Wallace put a small ad in a London newspaper. It simply said “Join me” and invited people to send a passport-sized photo. The only problem was, no one knew what they were joining. After twelve, on To the Best of Our Knowledge, the story of Danny Wallace’s “Join Me” collective.

[Source – To the Best of Our Knowledge]

Join Me

People from all over the world have dedicated themselves to our simple cause… to perform random acts of kindness to complete strangers, each and every Friday… we call these Fridays ‘Good Fridays’, and our aim is to make every Friday a Good Friday…

[Source – Join Me]

Jayson Littman is not especially lonely, or religious, or in need of cash – things that strangers might assume upon meeting him.

He is a financial analyst who happens to think that New Yorkers could use a hug. So it was, a month ago, that Mr. Littman began distributing hugs – free – from 1 to 4 p.m. on Sundays in Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village.

“At first I thought no one would respond,” said Mr. Littman, 26, who lives in Manhattan. But on his first Sunday, standing before a giant hand-lettered sign that reads “Free Hugs,” Mr. Littman and a friend embraced 200 people in two and a half hours.

[Source – NY Times]

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