I wanted to make a list of some of the tools I have found helpful and/or invaluable in my own life. They are all about relationships: To myself, others, Earth, the Universe…

Relationship to myself
Body/mind emphasis

  • NAET
    A treatment/elimination of any form of allergic reaction that I have found remarkably effective. We can have allergic type reactions to any element in our life, it can cause any symptom, and NAET seems to be effective in eliminating the allergic reactions.

  • Natural Vision Improvement
    Simple and (yes) natural excercies for the eye muscles. These corrected my nearsightedness to normal vision (as confirmed by my eye doctor). I do no longer need glasses and have no vision related headackes.

  • Five Elements acupuncture
    A form of acupuncture that always seem to have an immediate and profound effect.

  • Neuromuscular Therapy
    A very precise form of massage/bodywork that has significantly reduced my scoleosis.

  • Applied Kineseology
    Accessing bodyrelated information

  • Feldenkrais
    Western approach to body awareness through exploring deliberate and slow movements (allowing the mind the enter the body).

  • Herbs – teas, infusions
  • Acupressure/reflexology

Relationship to myself
Beyond and embracing body/mind

  • Breema
    A practice where simple and perennial principles are explored through bodywork, and applied in all areas of life. I experience it as Zen in motion.

  • Yoga
    Mind/body connection, spirituality

  • Tai Chi/Chi Gong
    Mind/body connection, healing

  • Jungian psychology/dream work
    Deeply insightful approach to exploring oneself

  • Process Work
    Holistic approach, based on Jungian psychology. All “channels” are explored: sound, taste/smell, visual, tactile, relationships, the world as a whole

Relationships to myself and others

  • Nonviolent Communication
    Tools for authentic/accurate communication (through differentiating needs and strategies etc)

  • Simplicity
    Tools for purposeful/meaningful living (enhancing what is meaningful, letting go of the rest)

  • Clicker Training
    Fast and accurate training based on positive reinforcement. Aids our relationship with ourselves and nonhuman species.

  • Sustainability
    Solution/partnership/community oriented

Relationship to Existence

  • Zen/Tibetan practice/Big Mind
    Tools to transform suffering into happiness, processing experiences, and opening for Big Mind (transdual experience)

  • Breema
    Going beyond separation and personalities

  • The Great Story
    Experiencing ourselves as an integral part of the Universe

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