Body Comfortable

One of the Breema principles is Body Comfortable. As with all the principles, I continue to experience it in new, deepening and widening ways.


Initially, I took it literally (still do). Whenever I remembered Body Comfortable, I would check in with my body’s comfort, and make whatever changes needed to move in the direction of more comfort. I found that I could sit, walk, stand, etc. in always more comfortable ways. And also that what is comfortable changes from moment to moment.


After a few weeks, I applied it to my whole self. What do I experience as comfortable? How can I be more comfortable right now? It gave me permission to make choices based on what works for me at the moment, rather than “shoulds” and expectations. If I would be uncomfortable doing something, and I would do it based on shoulds and my own or other’s expecations, I can always say “no”. Very liberating. And subversive as well as revolutionary in our culture.


Then, I deepened my experience of “no separation” and of human society and Earth as my larger body. And of course Body Comfortable also relates to my larger body. How can I live a life that makes society and Earth more comfortable. There are no “shoulds” and no intellectualizing, just the experience of wanting my life to contribute to the comfort of my whole body. Most of the time, the choices are simple. What is good for my small body is also good for my larger body and the other way around – no separation.

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