Food is another example of how something can be very simple. Still, we often make it more complicated – and in our situation with good help from commercialism (new fads promoted because someone can make money on it).

I have found an evolutionary perspective to be very useful when I make decision in any areas of life. How does it match up with our human history? (eg. the Atkins Diet seems obviously unhealthy since it is so far removed from the food situation we are biologically adapted to).

With food, it is simple:

* Diverse diet

* Less processed and whole foods

* Everything in moderation

* Daily excercise through diverse and daily activities

* Change. Eat with the seasons so no food is eaten regularly year round (give the body a break). Become gradually more intimate with my own mind/body and choose food based on what is needed at the moment.

And there is a strategy that fulfills all my biological needs, as well as my needs for connetion: Eating local food. Local food is seasonal, fresh, abundant, from people and/or places I have personal connections with, less processed, inexpensive – and immensely rewarding on all levels.

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