Everything I take in is food for my mind/body. What I take in, combined with how I relate to it, influences how it is digested and nourishes me. This is true for air, food, surroundings, conversations/relationships, reading, music and more.


  • Comfortable with Uncertainty

    Pema Chodron. Excellent anthology of mind training reminders. Very powerful.

  • The Path of the Human Being

    Genpo Roshi. Deep and profound, as well as simple as it is from direct and lived experience.

  • The Essential Ken Wilber

    Ken Wilber. I have read most of his books, and this one is a good highlight refresher.

  • Wild Fermentation

    Sandor Ellix Katz. Wonderful book on just that.

  • The Mustard Book

    Jan Roberts-Dominguez. Made a wonderful garlic mustard from a recipe from this book.

  • Books on monasticism/monasteries in different traditions
  • Books on anthroposophical architecture and communities, and intentional communities in general



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