Blind Spot

This is one of my major blinds spots:

I am aware of (and experience to varying degrees) existence as seamless – everything has the same source. All beings, and everything else, are manifestations of Spirit/God/Buddha mind etc. All sounds are the voice of Spirit/God/Buddha mind.

At the same time, I have hangups when it comes to sounds, especially human made noise in its many manifestations: machines (leaf blowers, lawn movers etc), slamming doors, load music, eating noisily… Any noise that seems unnecessary, “extra”, and born from a certain amount of unconsciousness. It seems that at the core of it, it is the unconsciousness I react towards.

So I know, and experience, that all sounds are expressions of Spirit/God/Buddha mind. At the same time, there is sometimes a strong discomfort with certain sounds, and I allow it to overwhelm me. Instead of relaxing into the experience, allowing it to unfold and give it space, I sometimes resist it which leads to an escalating cycle of resistance, emotional reactiveness and mental justifications.

This tension is a natural part of human existence. It’s a tension we experience in many ways every day, and at the core – it seems to be the tension between the transdual and the dualistic. The seamless whole and the parts. And it is a tension that brings our attention to itself, and a path towards the more trans-dual and integrated.

We can continually deepen our experience of both poles of the polarity, and of the polarity itself.

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