My first sense of the magic of Existence came through watching Cosmos by Carl Sagan. It gave me a deep sense of the mysteries of existence, and of the Universe as a seamless whole. My own existence is integral to that of the whole Universe…

In terms of human exploration of our existence, there is a parallel exploration of the outer and inner aspects of the world. We explore the human mind, and we explore the Earth and the Universe. Within the natural diversity – different emphasis for different cultures and from individual to individual – there is a parallel exploration process.

From a Jungian perspective, we can possibly see the exploration of the Earth as a whole (systems perspective) as an analogy of a discovery of the Self – or the Centaur level in Ken Wilber’s terminology. We are growing into an awareness of Earth as a whole, and of ourselves as a whole, beyond and including body, energy, emotions and cognition. To emerge into this awareness, we must let go of fixed ideas and identities, and be willing to see both ends of all polarities (and each quality/characteristic) in both the outer and the inner world.

The exploration of the solar system and the Universe as a whole, can be seen as paralleling an emergence into a more cosmic/transdual consciousness. Only a few humans live on that level currently, and the exploration of the Universe is also in its early beginnings.

SETI is an interesting example. The search for life (awareness) in the outer reaches of the Universe may be a parallel to awakening of awareness of “peripheral” areas of the mind – going from small to big mind. (For me, Contact – a story of the exploration of awareness in the outer Universe – beautifully captures some of the awe, mystery and bliss I have experienced in explorations of the inner Universe).

The Universe is awakening into awareness of itself as a whole, and it manifests in what we experience as the outer and the inner world. And into an awareness of the seamless whole of Existence, beyond inner and outer.

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