Beyond Choice & Conditioning

Humans have a natural interest in choice/freedom and conditioning/restraints. And as with everything else, we experience it differently according to our basic world experience/view.

When we operate from a blindly dualistic view, we experience the fragments and poles and not the wholes and polarities. The world is fragmented and consists of separate entities, and we are concerned with how we relate to these entities and how they relate to us. Freedom and choice comes from being able to control these relationships.

Complete control is of course not possible, so there is a natural tension and stress in this way of operating. Eventually, we realize that this way of operating does not quite work… The world is too complex for us to have the amount of control we need to be “safe” and “free”.

Still in the somewhat dualistic and control mode, we realize that we can control how we relate to the inner/outer world rather than the inner/outer world itself. We can bring energy and focus to awareness, and work with different mind training techniques. There is a sense of freedom from our past conditioning, through creating a new pattern of conditioning(!). We repattern ourselves so we relate to situations in a way that nurture rather than drain.

Eventually, we come to a point where most situations/experiences are fuel for compassion, gratitude and humility. There is a stream of bliss, even in the most difficult and painful situations.

But even this view contains some discontent. There is a sense that it is not complete, and there is an impulse to move to a more complete view…

From a fully transdual view, we see that Existence is a fluid and seamless whole. There is no freedom, and no restraints… It is all movements of the seamless whole.

And since it is a transdual view, we also appreciate the reality of the previous ways of experiencing the world. The world is composed of parts that interact in various ways, and we have some amount of “control” of how the world plays itself out on this level. And we can nurture our awareness of how we relate to the inner/outer world, repattern ourselves, and relate to the world in a more nurturing way. As long as we are human, all levels are present.

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