Breema Intensive

I just returned from an eight day Breema intensive in Oakland. Some experiences/reflections…

The Breema atmosphere is very alive and the same no matter where I do Breema and which class/workshop/intensive I go to. It is a wonderful support to come to the present, to deepen my connection with the body, to be more deeply comfortable with all experiences, and to work with the nine principles…

The atmosphere is also one of deep sincerity and a pure and open heart…


  • I experienced the infitine richness in every detail and every changing Now… There are infinite worlds in the smallest details.
  • When I am present, all Existence is right here now. There is no separation. No resistance.
  • I experienced the structure that the Breema Center sets up (during the intensive as well as for practitioners and instructors) as deeply supportive and from deep wisdom and a truly open heart.
  • I could more easily map the Breema terminology onto my own experiences (and the maps I have from Buddhism and Ken Wilber).
  • I experienced clearly that each phenomenon has a personality (relative), and the same essence (absolute). And that I can shift my focus from the personality to also include the essence, especially with the support from Breema – the bodywork, self-breemas and the principles.
  • I deepened my experience of how Breema is deeply transformative on all levels – body, energy, emotional, cognitive, etc. How it transforms my relationship with the inner and outer world, with Existence.
  • I deepened my experience of the dance between contractions and openings, and how simple awareness gives the space to invite contractions to become openings.
  • I deepened my understanding of how I can move from the idea of doing to resting in the experience of allowing it to happen.
  • I see how my personality has likes and dislikes, and that I can make choices from awareness rather than the likes/dislikes. Instead of only practicing the sequences that my personality has an affinity to, I can practice sequences independent of my preferences and allow myself to discover what each has to offer.
  • I renewed my experience of how, when my personality reacts with aversion to another personality, it changes when I (a) get to know the person and especially (b) when I exchange or do Breema with the person.
  • I experience the personality & body as fluid – with space within and around.
  • I deepened my understanding of (a) how experience comes before verbal expressions, and also (b) how verbal expressions can deepen the experience. Experience and expression support each other.

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