Prior to a “breakthrough” or shift to a new way of experiencing the world, there is often a period of frustration. There is either a sense of a “plateau”, of nothing new happening, or a clear experience of the “old” ways not being sufficient/appropriate anymore.

With Breema, I find myself in the second experience. It is abundantly clear to me that the way the sequences manifests for me now, is not where it can be. There is a very large gap between what manifests, and what I know in my whole being can manifest.

My awareness tells me that there is a gap, and I notice the personality wanting to “push”…

But I know it is simple. Come to the breath, the weight of the body… Follow the direction of the principles… Allow the movements to happen… Allow myself to relax into my experience… Allow myself to deepen the connection to the body/breath/principles/Existence…

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