Differently Transdual

There a different forms, or levels, of transdual views. Each of these can be a state, a temporary glimpse, or a level, a more permanent way of experiencing the world.

Emerging Transdual: Cognitive
An emerging transdual view on the cognitive level, often formed through studies and application of more transdual maps, such as systems theories, deep ecology, new cosmology, the Integral Model and spiritual maps such as Tibetan Buddhism. The center of gravity is on the cognitive level, although it can prepare the ground for more direct transdual experiences.

Emerging Transdual: Experiential
An emerging experiential transdual view. This can come through practices such as yoga, tai chi, chi gong, meditation, breema, deep ecology and more. This is experienced by awareness and/or the whole being (body/mind), although at a low level, more as a hunch or a feeling.

Awake Transdual: w. center
This is a direct experience of Existence, beyond and embracing all dualities, but with the personality as a center. It can come through a meditation/prayer practice, or spontaneously. We have a direct experience of Existence beyond and embracing all dualities, such as absolute (luminous space/ground) and relative (all fluid phenomena in inner/outer world), existence and nonexistence, living and inanimate, mind and body, etc. We directly see how these all arise from luminous space, and have the same essence. They are all fluid expressions of Existence, Spirit, God etc. At the same time, the awareness has a focus in the personality, this one aspect of the manifestations of Existence.

Awake Transdual: no center
This is similar to the previous type, although more full blown and without any center. There is only luminous mind/ground/space and the myriad manifestations, but no center in any particular phenomenon or personality. We can have glimpses of this in meditation, but it would be difficult to function as a human being from this level… If we have a center of gravity in the previous level, then this reminds us that there is something even beyond that.

For humans, it seems that our role and task is to deeply integrate an increasingly deepened transdual experience with our human existence. To weave together the absolute and relative, through this body and personality, and to live it fully in the world.

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