Projections is one of the main ways Existence helps us fuel awareness.

The inner and outer worlds are parts of a seamless whole. They are fluid manifestations born from and held in the same existence. All qualities and characteristics that we are aware of are both in the inner and the outer world.

Basic Split

When we operate from a fragmented worldview, or rather worldexperience, as most of us do, we split polarities. The basic split is between the inner and the outer world, and from this basic split follows many other processes.

We see the inner world as “I” and the outer world as everything else – “it”, “they”, “you” etc. There is a separation and clear difference between the inner and the outer worlds. And we identify strongly with the manifestations of the inner world (sensations, emotions, thoughts) and less so or not at all with various aspects of the outer world. From this, it becomes important to stay with a relatively stable sense of identity, and to boost our self-esteem. How do this personality (“I”) compare to everything and everyone else out there?


We see one end of a polarity as opposed to the other end, relate to one with aversion and the other with attraction, and have ideologies and sets of values that justify this way of relating to the world. These ideologies come from our culture and subcultures and are further modified by our personal experiences.

When we see in ourselves the “good” end of the polarity, and in others the “bad” end, we feel good about ourselves. If it is the other way around, our self-image is hurt. It is a precarious situation, so there is little wonder that we tend to play many games with ourselves to maintain our self-image. We do this mainly through different types of coping mechanisms, which are all useful and invaluable when we operate from a basic split.


Throughout life, most of us learn that life is not as black and white as it may have seemed. We realize that we are all human, all in the same boat. What I see in others are qualities I also recognize in myself. They may be expressed in different ways, at a different level of intensity, or maybe not at all, but they are there. Eventually, we may come to see – and directly experience – that everything in the outer world is also there in the inner.


This may come through just living our lives. But it can also be the product of a conscious process. We can learn to use attractions and aversions as guideposts for split polarities.

What specifically do I experience attraction/aversion towards in this situation? Can I see those qualities in myself? How do I experience them in the inner world? How do I relate to them? How do I express them?

With time, attractions and aversions become triggers for this process. We use the outer world as a reminder for what is in the inner world, and the other way around.


As we stay with the process, the sense of split softens. The inner and outer worlds are experienced more as a seamless whole. There is a growing sense of connection, belonging and of deepened empathy, gratitude and humility. There is a growing sense of no separation – within the inner world, and between the inner and outer world.

We also move from less awareness, being at the mercy of blind attractions and aversions, to awareness and increased conscious choice. The first brings with it much suffering, the second an ability to relate to situations in a more clear-headed way.

And, it is a process of softening our blind attachments in general, including to our self-image. From a narrow and rigid perception of ourselves, we move towards a more fluid and inclusive perception of ourselves. This allows for more choice and for relating to situations in a more fluid and responsive way.

Larger Picture

This whole process is a part of the larger process of…

  • Softening blind identification with the inner world.
  • Seeing all relative phenomena as one seamless and fluid whole (no separation).
  • Bringing center of gravity to include awareness, witness, observer – the luminous and spacious awareness beyond temporal and changing phenomena.
  • And allow for a deepening and direct experience of Existence beyond all dualities. Of the seamless whole of fluid phenomena and luminous spacious awareness.


My own projections include…

  • Lack of awareness
    And related qualities such as loadness, noise, crudeness, lack of consideration of others
  • Injustice
    Abuse of power, misleading the public, etc.

So my question is, can I see these qualities in myself? Whenever these reactions come up, I have an opportunity to be with the experience, relax into it, and discover these qualities in the inner world as well as the outer.

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