It has been interesting to explore/discover how Breema relates to other approaches, such as Zen and Big Mind…

Some of the effects of Breema, when it is engaged in as a regular practice…

  • Witness
    Through being present and coming to the breath and the weight of the body, the “witness” is engaged. We deepen our experience of awareness as separate (yet inseparable) from all relative phenomena in the outer/inner world. There is a dual point of gravity, one in pure awareness, the other in the relative phenomena.

    This is of course similar to most true spiritual approaches, such as Buddhist practice, Big Mind, and many others. It is also similar to what occurs when we relax into our experiences, with no separation – there is a strong sense of both the witness/awareness, and the relative phenomena, both being different and yet parts of the same seamless flow.

  • Absolute & Relative
    From activating the witness and simultaneously merging into phenomena, there is a direct experience of the absolute (the ground, timeless) and the relative (all fluid manifestations). There is a direct experience of the difference between the two, the absolute being unborn and the relative always in flux, and yet how they are two aspects of one fluid and seamless whole. It is a truly transdual practice in that regard.

  • No Separation
    Breema also activates a direct experience of no separation, and it manifests on many levels. There is an experience of no separation between giver and receiver – one body, simultaneous giving and receiving, life giving to life. There is also an experience of no separation between the bodies and the surroundings – all phenomena, sounds, smells, visual impressions, becomes part of the exchange. There is an experience of no separation between all inner/outer phenomena and Existence – the whole of Existence is right here/now. And there is an experience of no separation between all fluid phenomena manifesting in the Now (relative), and the timeless awareness and source/ground (absolute).

  • Mind Training
    Breema also has a strong mind training component. When we come to the breath and the weight of the body, and allow our awareness to come to the present, there is a shift on all levels. This shift takes the form of decrystallization, moving from habitual patterns to fluid responsiveness, and in increased awareness, moving from being blindly caught up in phenomena to awareness.

    Our physical body moves from rigidity to fluidity. Emotions move from their habitual patterns of being reactive (blind aversion/attraction) to becoming supportive. Cognitions move from habitual patterns of criticism and being caught in past/future, to becoming receptive. And awareness is activated so we can allow inner/outer phenomena to unfold without being blindly lost/caught up in them.

    In my experience, the bodywork and self-breemas creates an “atmosphere” in my being that allows me to come to my breath/body and the present relatively easily, either through just allowing my awareness to come to the body, or also by using one or more of the nine principles.

    Beyond this, the mind training also occurs in other ways…

    (a) A direct experience of no separation allows us to see the same qualities in the inner and outer world. When we see a quality in one, it allows us to discover/experience it in the other, thus integrating/defusing projections. This allows us to let go of blind attractions/aversions, and open up for genuine empathy with others through recognition and a direct experience of being in the same boat, the same basic human condition.

    (b) Moving a point of gravity to awareness/witness, along with a direct experience of the dance between the relative and absolute, allows us to relate to the inner/outer world with more awareness, sense of spaciousness, less blind attachments, and more choice.

    (c) Directly experiencing the same source in/behind all fluid phenomena also allows us to diffuse blind attachments.

    (d) The sense of deep pleasure, bliss and centering that comes from Breema, allows us to relate to the world with more equanimity and friendliness, and also to engage more fully with the world.

    (e) Decrystallization on all levels allows us to move from rigidity to fluidity in ideas, thought patterns and sense of identity – in a way more responsive to the current situation.

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