We all have innumerable voices within us. These are the many different aspects of the processes of the personality – their many configurations and groupings. And each of them holds a certain truth. They all contribute something valuable, when they are seen and acknowledged.

Last night, a voice came up strongly that said I am a failure. There several ways I relate to this. Sometimes I allow myself to be with what I am experiencing – to allow it to unfold within awareness. Sometimes I set it aside and let something else come to the forefront – usually a specific task. Sometimes I try to place it in in a larger perspective – remind myself of all the ways I am not a failure, that it depends on the perspective, that this is just the processes of the personality, etc. And sometimes I accept it and acknowledge the truth in it. Yes, I am a failure – I have not lived up to some of my potentials, to some of the promise. There is a great relief in acknowledging the truth in these voices, because it is always there. We are so complex that anything that can be said about any of us contains some truth.

Each of these approaches has some value. And sometimes I need to go through all of them to find a deeper acceptance, and be able to just be with the experience.

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