Breema & Levels

Breema goes beyond all dualities… Giver and recipient, individuals and surroundings, inner and outer, mind and body, doing and not doing, giving and receiving, absolute and relative. It gives us a taste of all this, and a support in bringing it into everyday life.

For me, it decrystallizes and is deeply transformative on all levels. And it seems to work on each level in a way that is appropriate here/now, with no effort on anyones part.

Sometimes, it works mainly on a very physical level. It can be robust and vigorous, and stretch and loosen up muscles and skeleton.

Sometimes, it works mainly on an energetic levels, shifting energies around according to where they are needed.

Sometimes, the need is on an emotional level, and it is deeply nurturing, supportive and healing, in a safe atmosphere.

Sometimes, it allows us to soften and let go of habitual thought patterns. Cognition becomes clear and receptive.

Sometimes, it is transpersonal – it allows us to rest in spacious and clear awareness, that which goes beyond the personality.

It always works on each of these levels, but the effect may be more clear in one or another.

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