Breema & Zen

From I first encountered Breema last spring, I sensed that there would be a strong mutual support between Zen practice and Breema.

Both fuel awareness and an emerging into Big Mind, Zen with a focus on the mind, Breema with a focus on the body.

In both…

  • Awareness becomes aware of itself.
  • There is en emrging overview of all inner/outer phenomena.
  • There is more space, clarity, and choice.
  • A more transdual experience of the world unfolds.
  • Awareness is brought into areas of the personality that needs healing, and relate to it in a way that allows for the healing to take place. There is an atmosphere of no judgement, just observing, being with what we are experiencing – allowing whatever needs to unfold to unfold.

One of the many strengths of Zen practice is the clarification of mind.

Breema helps create an atmosphere in the body/mind that allows us to become more present more easily, and where the nine principles comes alive. It helps us remain simple – no extra, no force. Just what is there (it is an antidote to the “zen sickness” that some Zen students display, where the ego is inflated).

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