Burning Karma

No Trace

When we stay with a strong experience – allowing it to unfold in awareness without resisting or acting on it – we allow it to burn out. It charges through spacious awareness and leaves no trace.


Karma is a term describing conditioned existence. All inner/outer phenomena are born from the specific processes of the inner/outer world, and this includes the habitual emotional and mental patterns of the personality. They are formed by biology, culture and personal experiences.

Personal Karma

When we allow strong experiences to burn out in awareness, the habitual patterns they arise from soften. There is a little more space there, a little more openness for something else to arise next time. In this way, our personal karma slowly burns out. The patterns of the personality soften and decrystallize.

Social Karma

In the same way, karma in the outer world soften and decrystallize somewhat. By allowing conditioned and blind patterns in human interactions to burn out in our awareness, we are less likely to perpetuate them through our own actions. This particular cycle stops right here and now.


I am experiencing this right now, in relationship to another person who is acting in a way that brings up a lot of strong reactions in this personality. It revolves around repeated unnecessary noise, which is a trigger for this personality, and sometimes a hook for this awareness.

When I stay with the experience, it charges through and then burns out within spacious awareness.

I allow awareness to not blindly identify with what comes up – blindly resisting or acting on it (in the world or by fuelling habitual mental patterns) There is more space, overview and choice.

This allows me more choice in how I deal with the situation in the outer world. I can act and speak from more clarity and awareness, in a way that is less likely to aggrivate the situation.

I also notice that when I resist the experience, and either push it away or fuel the emotional/mental patterns arising, there is a strong tendency to revisit the situation and engage in circular thoughts (of judgement etc).

When I allow the experiences to surge through awareness with less resistance, they pass through with little trace. There is not much of an impulse to revisit the situation or engage in certan mental patterns around it.