I find the living the questions approach of Raphael Cushnir immensely helpful.

Can I be with what I am experiencing right now?

It releases resistance to the experiences, and allows my awareness to relax and merge into them. There is no resistance, and no separation. The experiences are allowed to arise, unfold, and fade within awareness, and there is more awareness, clarity, overview and choice.

Some of my growing edges in this regard include…

  • Noise, especially that which is created from lack of awareness
  • Lack of awareness, dullness, exhaustion, lethargy
  • The energy that comes from writing from/about a more transdual view (experienced as high voltage going through wiring not quite comfortable with it)

These have come up for me since my teens, and I am still working on them… Sometimes I resists/escape experinencing them, and sometimes I remember to be with the experience, allow them to unfold, and experience clarity and boundaries expanding. And as I am with them, they unfold further. Breema has been a great support in being with these more consistently and I notice the charge around them is diminishing (not a goal in itself).


Can I be with what I am experiencing right now?

This is another gateway into processes I have explored for a while through meditation, Zen, prayer, and more recently Breema. They all allow a similar process to unfold.

When there is a charge around a particular experience and we resist, it is very uncomfortable. If the charge and resistance both are strong enough, it can even lead to a breakdown.

When there is a charge, and we allow ourselves to be with the experience, there is only energy unfolding – which brings clarity, expansion, increased awareness. There is an expansion of awareness, and of the identity of the personality (more qualities are included). We break open.

There is also a deepening empathy for others that comes from experiencing more characteristics and qualities in ourselves. We recognize in ourselves what we see in others. There is a sense of being in the same boat.

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