Views & Relating to the World

How we relate to the inner/outer world naturally flows from how we experience the world. When we experience the world in a blindly dualistic way, we see the inner world as separate from the outer, and we tend to be blindly caught up in the processes of the personality. This leads to us acting from blind attachments, and acting relatively blindly (with little awareness) on attractions and aversions, thoughts and ideas.

When we operate from a more awake and transdual experience, we can relate to the inner/outer world with more clarity, simplicity, awareness and choice. There is more space and more overview. And we directly experience all phenomena, and phenomena and awareness, as one fluid seamless whole. This naturally leads to a way of relating to the world that is familiar to us from historic figures who have operated from such a view. It flows naturally and effortlessly from how we experience existence, and is not “willed” in any way.


Some of those with a more transdual experience of the world become guides for others. If they work one-on-one with other travellers, they can give individual feedback and advice taylored to where in the terrain these travellers are and where their blind spots are.

If they work with larger number of travellers, they may see a need to develop guidelines. And these guidelines typically come from a transdual view. They mimick how someone with a transdual view experience and relate to the world.

When a traveller applies these guidelines, they – ideally – reprogram the habitual patterns of the personality. They are aligned more with a future transdual view.

This realignment allows a more transdual view to land a little easier. There is less resistance from habitual patterns. And when or if such a more transdual view lands in the person, there is a little less work to do. The personality is already familiar with some of the new patterns. First they came through guidelines, now from a direct experience.

Of course, there is always a good deal of alignment work to do anyway, but the pre-alignment may make the process a little less painful.

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