Integral Support

I had a very good conversation with Sean today – tea at 5th Street Market, then walked along the river. We talked about Waking Down, Zen, Ken Wilber’s model, the Integral Institute, and integral practice.

An idea: to start up an integral practice support group. Some guidelines/elements…

  • Integral model as a framework, content free.
  • The group supporting each individual in their individual process. Support for exploring their own views, paths, combination of practices etc.
  • Speaking from the heart and personal experience.
  • A combination of (a) framework/map, (b) experiential and (c) conversations from personal experience.

Some concerns: That it may be muddled and confusing due to lack of clarity among the participants. Although we may find ways of doing it that preserves the clarity, and the mud may be a fertile source for new insights and clarity.

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