Existence is God manifesting – exploring itself in always new ways.

When we awaken to Big Mind, we get a taste of the absolute and relative being distinct from each other, yet with no separation. Awareness is formless luminous space. Phenomena unfold within this space – emerge from it, unfold, dissolve back into it. It is all beyond dualities.

And the juiciness is in how to live from this experience. How to bring it into the world.

There are no guidelines for how to do this. It is new in every situation.

What does it mean for my personal life? For how I relate to others and the larger social and ecological systems? What does it mean for how we organize ourselves socially? As part of a larger planet? A larger universe?

There is a continuing deepening into Big Mind, into the self, into the relationship between the two, and how the self can express and live from Big Mind in these social and ecological systems, this planet and universe.

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