Some reflections on karma…

Good & Bad Karma

There is no “good” or “bad” karma, only karma – cause and effect.

The personality likes to see situations as “good” or “bad”, dependent on likes and dislikes formed by the biology of being human, culture and personal experiences. But even from this perspective, it changes. A situation that seemed “good” turns out to be “bad”. A situation that seemed “bad” turns “good”. There is no constancy.

When we operate from half-awake awareness and a fragmented/dualistic world experience, we produce karma. We operate from a partial view of the world, and the world sends back to us what we left out. This gives us an opportunity to move towards a more transdual experience – to see the whole beyond the fragments, the polarities beyond the poles.

When there is a fully awake transdual awareness, very little or no karma is produced. There is no need for it, beyond possibly some subtle adjustments (although there may always be something as long as there is a body/personality).

Karma as a Tool

Karma as a worldview can also be a useful tool. It can help us relate to the world with more awareness. Which perspectives am I leaving out when I perceive and act this way? How does this influence others? What does this situation look like from more of a Big Mind perspective?

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