Meditation in Action

Breema is – quite literally – meditation in action.

Meditation refers to resting in awareness. There is a deepening transdual and spacious awareness, in which all experiences of the inner/outer world unfolds.

Some of the tools in traditional practice are… Counting the breath. Asking ourselves Can I be with what I am experiencing right now? Sitting with the koan What is experiencing? All of these brings focus to awareness as different from sensations, emotions, thoughts.

Breema does the same. When we come to the breath, the weight of the body, the movement and posture of the body, we bring focus to awareness as different from all these. There is a focus on awareness, which is always right here right now. We are in the present.

And we use the bodywork and the nine principles as support to bring focus to awareness – to include awareness in our center of gravity.


When we are not in the present, do not have a center of gravity in spacious awareness, we tend to get caught up and lost in sensations, emotions and thoughts. Our emotions tend to be reactive. Our thoughts habitual and circular.

When we are in the present, when our center of gravity includes spacious awareness, we have a sense of overview. Our emotions gives a sense of fullness and richness, and our cognition is clear and receptive.

What Breema has that seems different from meditation, is the Breema atmosphere.

The Breema atmosphere is unmistakable and very tangible when we are in it, but also difficult to express. It seems to include the body remembering how it is to be in awareness, supported by emotions and cognition. It stays in the body – deepens as we continue with self-Breema, bodywork and working with the principles – and supports us in shifting center of gravity to include awareness. It makes it far easier to stay present in everyday life.

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