Meditation in Action

Meditation refers to resting in – or expanding our center of gravity to include – awareness.


First, awareness is blindly identified with the processes of the personality. It gets caught up in sensations, emotions, thoughts, and fuel or push them away. It is caught up in the conditioned and habitual processes of the personality. There is little space, overview, perspective or choice.

As awareness becomes aware of itself as separate from these phenomena, there is a sense of overview, perspective and choice in how we relate to the inner/outer world. Awareness becomes aware of itself as luminous and formless (although at a dull level at first), within which all phenomena unfold.


Awareness is always transdual – it allows all phenomena to unfold within itself, both poles of each polarity. It is a mirror.

When it is identified with the processes of the personality, it experiences the world as fragmented and dualistic – inner/outer, me/you, us/them, mind/body, spirit/matter, etc. It is in the midst of its efforts to push some experiences away and hold onto others. But even here, it is truly transdual – reflecting both poles of each polarity. The mirror is covered in dust.

As the center of gravity expands to include awareness, it allows the (experiences of) the phenomena of the inner/outer worlds to unfold within itself. It becomes aware of itself as reflecting both ends of each/all polarities – whatever comes up here/now. It is aware of itself as transdual. All phenomena of the inner/outer world is experienced as a fluid seamless whole. There are clear distinctions, but no separation. The mirror is clearer.

Then, it deepens the experience of the transdual. Now, spacious awareness and all phenomena is a fluid and seamless whole. Distinct from each other, yet with no separation. The mirror falls away.

Meditation in Action

Traditional meditation practice, resting in transdual awareness, is invaluable in this process. And there are some very valuable techniques for bringing this awareness into everyday life.

One is asking ourselves Can I be with what I am experiencing right now?

This allows awareness to become aware of itself, spacious and reflecting the processes of the inner world. There is a sense of overview, and of choice. There is a growing sense of the transdual nature of the inner/outer world. It is a fluid seamless whole – including and going beyond all polarities. And there is a sense of the transdual nature of awareness and phenomena – as two aspects of a fluid seamless whole. One no more real or important than the other.

Breema is another tool. It gives us a taste of how body, emotions and thoughts are experienced when the center of gravity is expanded to include awareness. There is a decrystallization – a softening of habitual patterns – on all levels. Emotions are nurtured, becomes supportive and gives a sense of fullness, richness and vibrancy. Cognition becomes clear and receptive. This – along with the nine principles – makes it easier to come to awareness in everyday life.

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