No Trace

When the center of gravity includes awareness, it appears as spacious and luminous. There is a sense of a spacious awareness, within which all experiences unfold. And when the center of gravity includes awareness, nothing sticks. The processes of the inner/outer world emerge, unfold and fade, and leave no trace.

We can say that awareness sees, accepts and moves on. Or that it is similar to a mirror reflecting the experiences. Or even more accurately, that there is a fluid and seamless whole of inner/outer phenomena unfolding within spacious and luminous awareness.

In either case, there is no trace.


When awareness is identified with the processes of the personality, it engages in these processes – through fuelling them or pushing them away. The particular processes are impacted from this engagement, and in turn impact the personality. If awareness fuel them, the patterns grow deeper. If awareness push them away, they are not seen by awareness – not processed – and will push in return until seen.

In both cases, there is a tendency for awareness to revisit the experience – especially if it was strong. It was not fully seen initially due to identification with it, and awareness is pulled back to it.

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