Mutuality & Earth

From a certain perspective, the Universe is unfolding awareness of itself through its awareness organs – including us human beings. And the more diverse these awareness organs are, the more angles it is experiencing itself from.

This perspective is as valid as any that is more common in our culture, just less often encountered.

We can also say that the Earth is unfolding awareness of itself. First locally and as fragments, and now increasingly as a whole – through views of Earth from space, global communication technologies, systems theories and more.

Maybe this is one of the new meanings of mutuality. The Earth is unfolding awareness of itself as a whole, through one of its awareness organs – humans.

When we become more aware of this, what will it mean for our relationship to each other and the Earth?

It will most likely include a deepened sense of humility, of awe and respect for each other and the Earth, and of mutuality through an inescapable partnership with each other and the Earth. It will be always new and different.

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