Overview & Merging

When we emerge into a more transdual awareness, there is a dual process taking place.


There is a “disidentification” with the inner world. Where a more dualistic awareness tends to get caught up in the processes of the personality (sensations, emotions, cognition), a more transdual awaress is more spacious and witness them unfold within itself. There is also a direct experience of all phenomena, all of the inner and outer world, being part of one fluid and seamless whole.

In all this, there is a sense of overview of all phenomena. Awareness is identified with itself, witnessing the unfolding phenomena. This allows for awareness in how the personality is relating to all these phenomena, and for choice in how to relate to the inner/outer world.


At the same time, there is a merging of awareness and phenomena. There is no resistance to experiences, and a sense of relaxing and merging into all arising, unfolding and fading phenomena. There is no separation between awareness and phenomena.


So there is simultaneously a sense of spaciousness and overview, and a sense of merging into all phenomena. There is disidentification with all phenomena, and a sense of no separation.

There is a deepening experience of awareness and unfolding phenomena as a fluid and seamless whole.

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