At this phase of human evolution and history, it seems that a deepening of the transdual and integral view is important.

Dwelling in the Absolute

If we only dwell in the absolute, in the luminous ground, and do not work on fully integrating it into our physical bodies/lives, it seems to be its own particular form of blindess and one-sidedness. This form of transduality already exists, always and everywhere, so what is the point of going there?

Integral Approach

When there is a physical human body, it seems much more interesting to deepen our experience of the absolute and the relative. To bring a fully awake transdual awareness into this physical body and into this human life, in this society, planet and universe. This is something that does not exist to any large extent… This is what is new, especially if it happens on a wider scale.

And there seems to be no end to how far we can explore this process… What does a society look like where more people live from a more fully transdual and integral view? How does it evolve? Which phases does it go through? What new challenges arise?

A Note

There may of course be value in someone going into a more one-sided dwelling in the absolute… There is still a body, although that may not be the focus, and there may be valuable insights transmitted to the benefit of many.

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