Trying vs. Allowing

Among the many aspects of Breema I appreciate is the emphasis on allowing rather than trying.

When there is a Breema session, there is no giver, no receiver and nothing being given. It is only Existence manifesting. I get out of my own way, and the movements are allowed to happen. I do it for myself – awareness brings attention to the breath, the weight of the body, the movements. There is no idea of “helping” or “doing” anything for “the other”. Whatever unfolds, unfolds.

Any therapeutic benefit is merely a side-effect, and I don’t need to bring attention to it.

When this body “receives” a Breema session, this lack of emphasis on “doing” allows me to completely relax. I am free of the exprerience of the other trying to do something to/for me. There is only Existence manifesting – not one object doing something to another.

When there is presence, Existence manifests and whatever needs to happen, happens.


“I get out of my own way” – this reflects awareness resting in itself, allowing the inner/outer phenomena to unfold.

“I do it for myself” – reflects an attitude of focusing on awareness resting in itself, and allowing the inner/outer phenomena to unfold.

“Coming to the breath, the weight of the body” – a technique to bring focus to awareness as different from inner/outer phenomena, to allow awareness to experience itself as that in which all experiences unfold.

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