View & Deepening

There are many ways of getting a taste of the qualities of awareness and a more transdual view.


When awareness becomes aware of itself as distinct – and inseparable – from the particular and changing experiences, it also becomes aware of some of its own qualities.

Awareness is inherently indepdentent of dualities – it is that in which the fluid phenomena of the inner/outer world unfolds. It is beyond and embracing any duality of existence/nonexistence, spirit/matter, mind/body, delusion/enlightenment, living/dead, right/wrong.

Awareness is what is here/now, reading this sentence. It is the same, wheter it is identified with phenomena or not, deluded or enlightened.

Awareness is formless – it takes on whatever form manifested by inner/outer phenomena.

Awareness is clear, luminous and spacious – that in which all inner/outer phenomena arise, unfold, and fade without leaving any trace.


Having a taste of this – through sitting practice, bodyoriented practice (yoga, tai chi, chi gong, breema), Big Mind, nature, art, spontaneous experiences, or something else – we can deepen it.

We can continue to explore the nature of awareness, continue to stabilize our center of gravity to include awareness, continue to allow layers of “sleep” to fall away…

This is a natural process. Just as a seed grows into a tree, awareness can grow into deepening awareness of itself when the circumstances are right.

And the most condusive circumstance may be sitting meditation under guidance of an experienced teacher.

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