Words & Realizations

There are many relationships between words and realizations…

Transdual & Dualistic

Transdual experiences and views cannot easily be expressed through words. Transdual views goes beyond and include all polarities of existence – nonexistence, mind – matter, inner – outer, living – inanimate, life – death, realization – obscuration, sleep – awake. All of these are experienced as expressions of Existence, as a fluid seamless whole. Words, by their nature, differentiate and fragment the world. They are immensely useful, and yet very inadequate to reflect a transdual view.

Shared or Not Shared Experiences

When there is a shared experience, simple and few words are enough to describe it. When there is not a shared experience, no amount of words can convey it. It is impossible to adequately describe the taste of a particular food to someone who has not tasted it for herself.

Maps & Terrain

Words, stories, theories and models are all maps of the world. And all abstract representations reflect a certain limited and filtered view, highlighting some features while leaving others out. Reality is always more than and different from any map.


Words, when spoken from direct experience, can be pointers. They can support us in realizing certain aspects of existence through our own experience.


Whenever new dimensions of Existence open up for me, I search for ways to express it. And often, I find that I end up using similar or the same words as I used before, although they now have a new depth of meaning for me. The words are the same, the experience quite different.

Words & Realizations

From an intelectual view, words spoken from a more transdual experience can appear simplistic or even banale.

Existence is. True health is harmony with existence. Everything is one.

But when we arrive at a direct experience of that which the words point to, we see that they point to profound realizations of the nature of existence.

Existence is – as it is, beyond and embracing all dualities. True health comes from a direct experience of existence, which is consious alignment – or harmony – with existence. Everything is one – a fluid and seamless whole of all phenomena unfolding in spacious and luminous awareness.

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