As It Happens

The Work can also be applied in real-time.

I am invited to a potluck today, and started baking a cake a couple of hours before we had planned to leave. It turned out that the second carton of eggs in the fridge was old, and I realized I had to go to the store to get more, which meant we would be late (and this is one potluck I did not want to be late for).

I noticed contractions, and then: (a) The belief behind it: Life should always go my way. (b) I tapped into awareness behind and without the belief, spacious and clear – and noticed how much more enjoyable this is compared to the contraction and everything came with it. (c) I turned it around. Life should not go my way (yes, that is a great support in seeing myself more clearly, in seeing the consequences of my beliefs and the suffering they bring me). I should go life’s way (yes, life is what is – reality, God, Spirit – and my best chance is to align myself consciously with what is. I am very small, existence is very large. It is much easier for me, as small self, to align myself with the rest of existence than it is for the rest of existence to align itself with me – the fluid and conditioned set of likes and dislikes of this personality).

This lifted the contractions (blame, tension, frustration) and opened up for spacious awareness and receptiveness. I took my bike to the store, and even enjoyed the pouring rain on the way back. Of course, I still need to investigate the original though more thoroughly, but this was a nice taste of how to use the technique as first aid.

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