Beauty is obviously very subjective. Still, there may be some underlying processes.

We experience beauty on several levels…

  • In that which triggers attraction in the personality
    Anything that generally supports life (biological bias)
    Learned from our culture and personal experience (cultural/personal bias)

  • Gives us a sense of the transpersonal (the numinous)
    Some art and nature. Anything that opens up a taste of the transpersonal for us.

  • In everything, when we operate from a fully transdual awareness
    Any inner and outer phenomenon, independent of label, is experienced as beautiful. Everything is a manifestation of God.

At the two first levels, awareness perceives in a relatively dualistic way. In the third, it perceives beyond and embracing all dualitites. Even here there is necessarily differentiation and distinctions, but we still perceive everything equally as manifestations of God, Spirit, the Ground, the Absolute.


Some examples for each level.

  • Biological
    Opposite sex: signs of health and vitality, youth, strength, symmetrical face, joyfulness.
    Nature: lush and rich landscapes, landscapes that allow overview (savannas), rivers, lakes, clean air, green vegetation.

  • Cultural
    Small or large feet, small or wide hips, thin or plump, tattoos or not, different clothing, art, music, philosophy, religion, social systems, social interactions, certain emotions/thoughts/experiences, etc.

  • Tastes/glimpses of the Transdual
    Vastness – desert, ocean, starry sky
    Refinement in art – Bach, Carlos Nakai, Rembrandt, Nerdrum, etc.

  • Transdual view
    Appreciation and experience of God manifesting in every inner/outer phenomena.
    A river, an emotion, a city, thoughts, a snake, a blossom, clouds, an ocean, a mountain, a human being, a galaxy, wars, joy, suffering, a skilled and an unskilled poem, a grain of sand on a beach, a fugue by Bach, heavy metal, a painting by Manet, a painting by an unskilled artist, a leaf on a tree, a nebulae, anger, peacefulness, blame, compassion, realizations, delusions, a car, a tree, someone logging a tree, a river, someone polluting a river, death, birth, cancer, a healthy organism, a skyscraper, a mud hut, a bird, a deep sea creature, a planet, a rock, sky, earth – these are all God, Spirit, the Ground, the Absolute manifesting in a myriad ways. There is no separation between any phenomena and God/Absolute, and no separation among phenomena, yet there is differentiation and distinctions.

The levels can obviously co-exists in layers. A healthy human body can be beautiful on a biological, cultural, transpersonal and transdual level. Wars may be ugly on a biological and cultural level, but we can still see it as another manifestation of God/Absolute – and thus inherently beautiful. This does not prevent us from doing what we can to prevent wars, and alleviate the suffering inherent in wars. It just gives us a lighter touch. More space and overview when we relate to it and decide on our actions.

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