Being Here/Now

In different spiritual and healing traditions, there is a lot of talk of being here/now, being in the moment.

Big Mind

From the Big Mind perspective, either one is fine – either one is Big Mind. Either one is Existence (God, Spirit, Absolute) manifesting – beautifully and perfectly. There is a distinction but no separation.

All phenomena always exist right here/now, and so does the small self whether it is aware of it or not. The small self is always here/now, whether awareness is awake and present, or lost in dreams, fantasies, memories, hopes and fears of the future. It is always here/now, no trying is needed.

Small Self

From the perspective of the small self, there is a big difference.

Awareness is lost in thoughts, fantasies, memories, fears/hopes about the future. Or it is aware of what is (otherwise) happening here/now. The first can be draining, and inevitably leads to suffering in one form or another. The second is almost always invigorating and stimulating, and can lead to an experience of unconditional happiness and/or bliss. It is also a prerequisite for deepening and clarifying mind, for emerging into a Big Mind perspective – which is what the small self seeks whether it knows it or not.

Either way is fine, although one tends to bring suffering, the other freedom for suffering – and the small self usually have a preference for and will seek the latter.

Big Mind on the other hand is preferences, but does not have preferences.

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