When we operate from a dualistic view, we see causality. When we operate from a transdual view, we see movements in a fluid whole.


When awareness is identified with the processes of the small self – sensations, emotions, thoughts – it perceives in a dualistic way. It sees a strong separation between inner and outer, and between various outer phenomena (especially those with spaces inbetween them). It sees one object bumping into another, and perceives it as causuality. One object did something to another.

Fluid Whole

When awareness awakens to itself as distinct from the processes of the small self – the sensations, emotions, thoughts – it perceives in a more transdual way. It perceives distinctions but no separation. All inner and outer phenomena is a fluid and seamless whole. Changes in the world are – and reflect – movements in this larger whole. There is no causality.

Awareness is in itself not dual, nondual, or transdual, but it can function – perceive the world – in those ways.


A transdual view means an integration of the views of the small self and Big Mind, the perception of distinctions and no separation. We can see that there is causality, and that there is movements within the larger whole. Again, there is a distinction but no separation.

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