Current Practice

Current integral practice…

Sitting practice
Awareness becoming aware of itself as distinct from its content – allowing all phenomena to arise, unfold, fade. Awareness – beyond any polarities, and being whatever arise at the moment.

Self-Breema and Breema bodywork.

Walk, bike, hike on average of 30 minutes a day.

Whole food, some fermented, local/organic when possible. Balance between fresh and cooked (also depending on weather, more cooked when cold, more fresh when warm).

Mind training
Can I be with/be what I am experiencing right now? Rejoycing. Turning statements around (beliefs, comments).

Big Mind process.

Not currently, except Big Mind process.

Communication, honesty.

Social/Ecological Engagement
Organize NWEI discussion courses in the Eugene area. Give free Breema session to people. Organize Integral Practice group. Appreciation of nature, including body/breath etc. Daily international news/analysis. Work with graphic/web design.

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