We all have a comfort zone. Areas in ourselves, behaviors, and inner/outer situations that we are more comfortable with. These usually correspond with our conscious self-image. And it is limited, small, leaves something out, and is thus less fluid and inclusive than it can be.

Then there is everything outside of this zone, that which is available to us but not consciously acknowledged and lived. These are the qualities we see in others but are not comfortable with in ourselves, those we relate to with attraction or aversion when they come up in the outer world. And then there are qualities we are as yet oblivious to – those we see as neutral or do not recognize.

There is a good deal of juiciness and energy when we explore these qualities in ourselves, become more comfortable with them, explore how to live them in everyday situations, and find a new fluidity among a more inclusive set of qualities. The energy that used to take the form of attraction and aversion, when we saw the qualities mostly in the outer world, not enlives the inner world. It brings a stronger sense of life and vibrancy.

And there is the edge between the two. These are the qualities that are on the border of being related to more consciously. The qualities we may have a hunch of being in us, but are not yet comfortable acknowledging and/or bringing to life.

Some current edges for me…

  • Deeper honesty/sincerity/authenticity, less embellishment or trying to project a certain image
  • Work discipline
  • Clear communication, in the moment
  • More deeply comfortable with myself in more situations
  • Deeper honesty about inner/outer situation (seeing it clearer, with less need for bias, more grounded, straight)

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