We had our second Integral Practice Support Group meeting tonight.

Here is a description of the group, from an announcement:

[..] we have a Integral Practice Support Group meeting every other week. This is for people engaged in an integral practice or interested in developing an integral practice. It is *not* primarily an intellectual discussion group, although this aspect is also included. The goal is to support each individual in their unique path and configuration of practices.

Integral practice refers to a an approach to self-discovery and maturation that takes an “all level, all quadrant” view.

We explore our relationship to our own physical, energetic, emotional, cognitive and transpersonal levels, our relationship to others (intimate and social group), to ecosystems, and to Existence. And we look at the practices we each apply, or may apply, to explore and engage in each level and area.

The challenge for any group is to allow for fluidity between spontaniteity and structure, chaos and order – and allow for a chaordic flow. If we get stuck in either, or in an idea of “balance”, it goes dead.

I am hoping that the group also can integrate the inner and outer, intellectual and experiential, personal and social/ecological. All of these are essential for an integral view and approach.

It also became alive for me how this intention is an essential and important part of the process. The details of how it looks is less important. It will form around the intention and the specific ingredients at the moment, and will change over time.

The word support (understandably) came up as a potential point of misunderstanding. For me, it is support in the widest sense – support to allow us to deepen and clarify, whether it is intellectual understanding, transformation on any level, social engagement, etc.

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