There are many ways awareness can be hooked into identifying with its content. One component of sitting practice is studying this, and practice coming back to awareness being aware of itself as distinct from its content.

Breema bodywork functions as meditation in action. It is the same process as sitting practice, only with the body moving, and with another body as support in being present (awareness being aware of itself as distinct from its content).

Both mirror everyday life – it is the same mind and the same processes in all situations. We see how the mind works, how it gets hooked, how we can bring it back into awareness.

In everyday life, there are also many supports. An important one is identifying our typical pattern of contraction (physical, emotional, cognitive), catch it when it happens, and use it as a reminder to come to the present.

Contraction is always a sign that awareness is hooked, and we only need to recognize the symptoms. Deeper analysis is not needed in the moment, although when we do look at the situation, we will probably find that what hooked awareness either triggered strong energies (in sensation, emotions, cognitive), and/or triggered a wounded area that has not been fully seen and released by awareness.

Our practice is (a) for awareness to recognize itself as distinct from its content (easier in a form of formal meditation practice, such as sitting practice or Breema), and (b) bring this into everyday life in more and more situations. With sincere practice, there will be fewer and fewer situations that consistently hooks awareness, and when it happens, the recognition of it and the switch back comes with less delay.


For me, I notice that I can come to the present in most everyday (or otherwise regularly occuring) situations, even those with higher energies and triggering wounds. The question is sometimes wanting to do it, although that is shifting as well. There are of course many situations where it is still difficult for me, especially in dealing with anger directed towards me.

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