Inclusive and Fluid

One aspect of the world is that it continually offers to wake us up. It is existence offering itself opportunities to wake up to its own nature.

One example is views. Whenever we are stuck in any particular view, the world offers situations that shows that this view is too limited. And this brings suffering, which can be an incentive to wake up. To see through the delusion of believing in any one or any set of limited views.

This came up yesterday during the Breema intensive. The experiential aspect of Breema is very much inclusive and fluid (or rather beyond the polarities of inclusive/exclusive and rigid/fluid). And some expressions of Breema reflect this transdual experience.

Still, the way it sometimes is expressed and interpreted is somewhat exclusive and rigid. This is natural. When a transdual experience is interpreted, it will come out in different ways depending on the familiarity with the terrain and the language and vocabulary available.

In Breema, there seems to be some “taboo” topics among some of the students – areas that many are concerned with yet rarely speak about in groups. Yesterday, several of these topics were brought up by new and older students, and I could see how some of the other students were horrified, while others took it as a welcome and refreshing change and opportunity to meet the questions with honesty.

If Breema is about intimacy with existence, then nothing is foreign to it or left out. Whenever something appears as “taboo” – or a situation brings up non-physical discomfort for us – it shows us where we are stuck, nothing else.

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