Integral Approach

An integral approach is also useful in how we deal with day-to-day situations. A situation may trigger something in us, and may have done so over long time…

Working on Ourselves

We can work on ourselves in many ways.

We can ask ourselves Can I be with what I am experiencing right now? This allows for some space and overview, and for fully experiencing what is coming up. There is less need to directly act on it (blindly), or trying to push it away. We can be with what is, right here/now.

We can also work on projections. What in the other (if another person is involved), is triggering this in me? Can I see this quality or characteristic in myself? How does it play itself out in my own life, and in my relationships with others?

What statement do I tell myself about the other person? How is it equally or more true when I turn it around to point to myself? How can I turn it around in more ways, and how are these statements as true or more true than the original statement?

In sitting meditation, we can allow the experience to fully come up, unfold and change. We can allow ourselves to fully be what we are experiencing, with no separation. This brings it more fully into awareness, expands our self-image, and can help awareness clarify and become more spacious.

Working on Relationship to Others/World

In many situations, we also need to act on what triggered this in us. In a relationship with another person, there may be something that needs to be said, clarified, worked through. And there may also be something in relationship to work, a group or organization, to society as a whole, to ecosystems, that we need to act on.


The universe is holons within holons, and many or all levels must be included for there to be a deeper sense of resolution or release.

The more we awaken to awareness of the seamless nature of all phenomena, the more there is a need for resolution and release on all levels. We cannot any longer let things pass unresolved – something in us will not allow it. And this is a daily and continuous process, an integral part of being alive as a human being.

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