Everything is ultimately lies, and we can see this through examining aspects, types and layers of lies.

Gross Lies
These are the lies where we say or give an impression of something we know is not accurate, and others can know is not accurate if they have more information. This level is pretty clear to most of us, although we can sometimes get so wrapped up in stories we once knowingly created so we forget that they are just stories.

Subtle Lies
These are the stories we tell ourselves about life – stories we create but may not be aware that we create. We can often mistake them for existence itself.

All our maps, theories, models, philosophies, etc. are stories. Existence is always more than and different from any of these, including the most sophisticated, inclusive and subtle ones.

Our inner and outer circumstances are fluid, always in flux and change. And our maps and stories will also need to change, to reflect our current situation. Each map and story is only of temporary value.

And each story in turn is based on experience, which in itself is filtered and biased. It is influenced by the physical characteristics of this universe and this planet, of our current biology reflecting our evolutionary history, of culture and subcultures, and personal experiences. Our experiences are biased in several layers.

Each one of these are reasons why all our maps, stories, thoughts, ideas and ultimately experiences, are ultimately lies. They represent a filtered, biased, selected and illusionary image of existence. And that is OK, as long as we are clear on this – with ourselves and others. Then, these maps and stories can become helpful – in a limited and temporary way.

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