As Ken Wilber so elegantly shows in his AQAL model, there are many lines of development – and each of us is higher on some and not so high on others.

It is possible to have wisdom, to see relatively clearly the human condition with heart and compassion, and yet not be effective in the world. It is possible to be highly developed in the cognitive area, and not in the interpersonal area or in empathy. It is possible to be highly skilled in movements (sports, dance), yet not have the cognitive and/or ethical areas well developed. It is possible to be highly developed spiritually (have deep and clear insights in the nature of mind/Existence) and yet not have other areas well developed.

Of course, when we are integrally informed – when we are aware of which lines are more and less developed – we are already on the right track. We can see which areas need more work, and take that into account in how we live our lives. It only becomes a problem when we are oblivious to it – or in denial about it.

For me, it seems that I can see much relatively clearly, but have problems fully living it in the world. Or even finding an arena and a format to bring it more fully into the world. It is a lifelong process – and we all have our particular area(s) to work on.

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