This morning during sitting, there was another deepening shift.

I sat initially with a good deal of energy unfolding – in the form of anger. As I became anger, there was a shift, and I deeply experienced myself as body, as emotions, as thoughts, as spacious mind, as the sound of the rain. It was a deep, rich, luscious, inclusive experience.

Again, the words may be the same – I am body, emotions, thoughts, spacious awareness – but the experience is different. Far deeper, richer, more intimate, more inclusive.

I am the sensations in the legs, the chill on my legs, the warmth in my upper body, the itching near my nose, the anger, the frustration, the thoughts of someone acting in an unethical way, the thoughts of what I would like to say to that person, the blame, the judgment, the spacious awareness in which all this unfolds, the sound of the rain, the sound of the voice, the sound of the gong, the getting up from the cushion, the walking, the settling down on the cushion, the conversation afterwards, the smile, the laughter, the rain on my skin, the cat behind the glass of the entrance door. It is full, rich, luscious, intimate, spacious, and simple.

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