Mind & Content

In the Big Mind process, sitting practice, Breema, and many other practices as well as spontaneously, we can experience one aspect of the nature of mind – with varying degrees of clarity: Mind (awareness/consciousness) and its content are distinct from each other.

The nature of mind is spaciousness (no beginning/end) and clarity (nothing sticks, it reflects/becomes whatever arises/fades in the moment and it leaves no trace). The nature of its content is impermanence – it comes and goes, fluidly – and outside of any control.

During practice, and in everyday life, we can notice when the mind/awareness becomes identified with its content, and then allow the identification to go. It could be any experience – any sensation (pain, pleasure, hot, cold, hungry, full), any emotion (attraction, aversion, happiness, sadness, joy, anger, frustration), any thought (judgment, blame, fantasies, discernment) and any combinarion (laziness, boredom, busyness).

When we notice that the mind forgets its nature, and becomes identified with its content, we can use several techniques to shift. It could be asking ourselves Can I be with what I am experiencing? And then Can I be what I am experiencing? It could be reminding ourselves of what mind is without its content. It could be accessing nonseeking mind through the Big Mind process. It could be coming to the breath, the weight and movement of the body.

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