Omega Point

There are many visions of the future of humanity, from a transpersonal perspective. One is Teilhard de Chardin’s Omega Point.

It may be difficult to say what will happen. But it is easier to say what may happen, given premises that are our best guesses at this point, and given enough time.


It seems that there is a natural maturation of how awareness perceives the world. It is from a potential (nonliving matter), via mostly nonawake and nondual (plants, simple organisms), slightly awake and mostly nondual (babies), half-awake and dual (most human adults at this time), and fully awake and transdual (some individuals).

This pattern seems to be reflected in the development of individuals, as well as the evolution of the earth, and the universe as a whole. It could be that it is (and will be) reflected in the evolution of humans as well (or one or more other and later species). And it could be reflected in the evolution of species (or what they may be) other places in this universe, or other universes for all we know.

Push & Pull

Right now, there are many factors that push and pull us in the direction of a more fully awake and transdual awareness.

The push on a social level is mainly in the form of different socio-ecological disasters, both currently unfolding (ecological unraveling) and potential (large scale use of weapons of mass destruction, large scale social unrest due to increasing gap between wealthy and poor). The push on an individual level is mostly in the form of personal dissatisfaction, enhanced – in the rich world – by many aspects of modern life (speed, information overload, large number of demands and expectations).

The pull on a social level is in the form of becoming aware of the Earth as one seamless whole (photos of Earth from space, systems theories, ecology), and the vision of a world that works better for most or all of us. The pull on an individual level is the hunch that there is another way of perceiving the world which may reduce our individual suffering, and the unprecedented availability of teachings and tools that can help us open up to this.


If we make our way through the current global ecological crisis (the extent of which we are not yet fully aware of) and related global social crisis (mass migrations, violence, social unrest due to limited resources and gap between wealthy and poor), what could emerge?

One possibility is that more individuals waken up to a more fully transdual view of the world, and this becomes a more common and visible aspect of our culture. To the extent these insights are accepted and adopted by the wider culture (not at all given), it will profoundly influence how we relate to ourselves, each other, and the social and ecological wholes.

It will change our social structure and processes to reflect or include a more transdual and integral view. We may begin to act in a way that acknowledges the Earth – with its social and ecological systems – as one whole. One body, where all aspects are interrelated and mutually dependent in their health and well being.

More Full Blown

As a thought experiment, how may it look if a significant number of individuals wake up to a more transdual view?

There may be a deep recognition of how God is manifesting and exploring itself through all inner and outer manifestations. And there may be a deep recognition that there is only one awareness – only God, Spirit, the Ground, the Absolute – manifesting through all phenomena including human beings. The awareness that shines through each one of us is the same, in each case with a different flavor.

This will profoundly influence how we relate to ourselves, each other, and the larger social and ecological whole. There will be a deep sense of one body – one seamless system. A deep recognition of the distinction between each phenomena, and of no separation.

And there is no end to the exploration and unfolding of this. There will always be new ways of deepening and clarifying awareness, and new ways of expressing and exploring it in this world. And there will always be new inner and outer opportunities and challenges to work with. New blindspots, new imbalances, new areas to clarify and explore.

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