Personal and Transpersonal

Here is an insight that Ken Wilber talks about occasionally, and that is quite clear from a Big Mind perspective.


Jung’s focus was on the universal (collective) personal level, and very specific to the human situation. What he calls archetypes are conditioned on the characteristics of this particular universe, this particular planet, and most importantly – this particular species.

Beings in (for us hypothetical) other universes, or other places in this universe, will live their lives in quite different conditions, and themselves have quite different characteristics. They may have one or three genders, more than one sun, more than one or none moons, not be biological in our sense of the word, reproduce quite differently, etc. So their collective and universal experiences, reflected in their Jungian style archetypes, will be very different from ours. Their mythologies and dreams will reflect their particular conditions.

But their transpersonal experiences are likely to be very similar – or identical – to ours. They can also open up to Big Mind, Big Heart, nonseeking mind – to borrow terminology from the Big Mind process. It will be expressed and lived differently, according to their specific conditions, but the transpersonal realm itself is the same.

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