I notice that as I continue to experiment with the inquiry process suggested by Byron Katie, the deeper process gets learned and comes up more easily in everyday situations.

The current process:
1. Notice contraction
2. Recognize statement behind it
3. Recognize the consequences of believing in the statement – which boils down to suffering
4. Recognize what I am without believing in the thought – space, clarity, responsiveness
5. Turn the statement around (to myself, the opposite) and find how each new statement is as true as the original.

This process occurs in two ways. One is the general process taking place without accessing words and attention to the specifics. The other takes more conscious attention and time, and is more specific and may go deeper. Both seem useful right now.

I also notice a tendency to go on automatic pilot for each stage. I feel into it, get a general sense of what is going on, and hook it onto words used previously. When I notice this, I use it as a reminder to connect with sincerity – to honestly look and allow what comes up to be different from what has come up in the past. This is a part of trusting the process, trusting sincerity, and trusting (the freedom in sincerely acknowledging) existence.

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